LIVE TONIGHT: HANGOUT STREAM – I’M BACK! | The Kalab Show #107​ – Friday Night Live | Hangout & Chat LIVE!

Welcome to The Kalab Show. After a short break i am back, we are doing a hangout stream, also today we are hanging out with creators, networking and communicating. i have some announcements with the YouTube channel, content, We have updates regarding the content plans, with factoring in other commitments such as education and work, we also have updates to the creator series, etc.


We are also chatting with fellow creators and fans. In this show we are talking about our plans, (generally and with content) I have a lot of updates regarding the YouTube channel, content structure, the website and more such as interview related streams and content! Also what the plans are moving forward with content and uploads. We may even have some guests on, regardless. it’ll be a awesome show!

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