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Callback Support May Be Unavailable

Due to our service provider doing updates to the network infrastructure, callback support may be unavailable during this time as the phone systems may not work at times. The ETA on when the upgrades will be complete is December 10th 2020 You can still contact us at via live chat and email. Thank you […]

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South Australia 6 Day Lockdown – COVID19 | IMPORTANT INFORMATION

UPDATE : VIA: South Australia will be implementing a circuit breaker from 12:01am Thursday, 19 November 2020 for the next six days aiming to stop the spread of COVID-19 in our state. Official Directions will be published and instructions will be provided in further detail later in the day as the situation progresses. South […]

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How To Create A FREE Website With WORDPRESS.COM (Complete BEGINNERS GUIDE)

How To Create A WEBSITE With WORDPRESS.COM (Complete BEGINNERS GUIDE) In today’s video i show you how to create a website for FREE using WordPress.Com From adding pages, to adding a blog, contact form, plugins, photos, getting a domain, choosing a theme. I outline all the basic options around WordPress.Com. SIGN UP TODAY: The […]

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How To BOOST Your LIVE STREAMS! – 5 Streaming Tips & Tricks (Read BEFORE You STREAM!)

WATCH OUR NEW VIDEO 6 LIVE STREAMING TIPS & TRICKS PREPARE: Prepare for your show: Brainstorm topics Use checklists/ show run downs, dot pints etc Get clear on the type of content you’re going to stream about. What will you talk about, and why is it relevant to your audience? Inform quests on topics, let […]

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Daylight Savings Starts October 4th

Daylight Savings Daylight saving will begin at 2am on Sunday 4 October 2020 when clocks go forward one hour. Daylight saving in NSW begins at 2am, Eastern Standard Time, on the first Sunday in October and ends at 3am Eastern Daylight Saving Time on the first Sunday in April. That means clocks must be put […]

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Top 11 YouTube Video Ideas | GROW FAST ON YOUTUBE

Top 11 YouTube Video Ideas | GROW FAST ON YOUTUBE Stuck for YouTube video ideas? Read this post for ideas, from trends, cooking, tech, it’s all here. 1. ABOUT US VIDEO If you’ve got a YouTube channel for your business, an About Us or explainer video that showcases what you do is a good video to start […]

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Why “Sub4Sub” on YouTube is BAD | NEVER Do SUB4SUB!

What Is Sub4Sub? Sub4Sub, or ‘sub for sub’, is the practice of subscribing to somebody else’s channel in exchange for them subscribing to yours. Whether Sub4Sub works is very debatable as people say it’s good, and others say it’s bad, however, it is fairly popular. At the end of the day, it’s really one of […]

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FilmoraGo Review | The BEST Video Editor on Android & IOS?!

FilmoraGo Review | The BEST Video Editor on Android & IOS?!
Read our review of the video editing app FilmoraGo!

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How To Transfer content from Google Play Music To YouTube Music

Google Play Music is shutting down… Learn how to transfer content from GPM to YouTube Music!

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My Return To The Online World IMPORTANT UPDATES! I AM BACK!

Kalab Templeman has returned to the online world! More information very soon! Check this out

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How To Live Stream With OBS Studio | Tutorial

Today we’ll show you how to go live using OBS Studio!

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We are looking for volunteer blog contributors

We are looking for some amazing people to assist in contributing to the Kalab Network Blog.


SHOWS CANCELLED | UPDATED: Corona Virus News: NO Toilet Paper + MORE Aussies are FREAKING OUT | BREAKING: #COVID-19

News about the Corona Virus Outbreak.

Authorities say “No More Handshakes” Hmm.. How are we to great people now.. with our foots??..

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8 MUST KNOW Rules: Mobile Phone Etiquettes | Do’s & Don’ts

We are all ADDICTED to our phones, but what are some etiquettes that you should follow with those phones in common situations?.. Read this post NOW to find out!

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Fun Djembe Cover | Out Now

Fun Djembe Cover | Out Soon


Our First Stream Of 2020 on YouTube

Tonight at 6PM AEDT this will be first YouTube live stream of 2020. We took about 2 weeks off live streaming, But it is good to be back with streaming. Watch the broadcast below at 6pm AEDT” this is our first show of 2020, in this live stream we’ll be talking about what our plans […]

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YouTube Rolls Out New COPPA Polices (2020 UPDATED)

Updated news about YouTube rolling out new COPPA policies for creators.


NSW Fires Photos: The Red Sun

The NSW Fires are slowly improving, but are also getting worse at the same time. Yesterday on Saturday the 4th of january 2020 at about 7PM, during the sunset, the sun was extremely red, due to all of the fires. Take a look below at some of the shots I got of the red sun […]

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YouTube Updates Harrassment Polices | What You Need To Know

YouTube today announced an expansion of its anti-harassment policy that will ban video creators from insulting one another on the basis of their race, gender expression, or sexual orientation — even if the person they are insulting is a popular creator, celebrity, politician, or other public figure.  On Sunday, YouTube announced a series of policy […]


The NSW Bushfire Emergency | UPDATED

News regarding the NSW Bushfire Emergency.