Stop Cyber Bullying Presentation

Stop Cyber Bullying Presentation, as appeared in “HOW TO PREVENT ONLINE TROLLS & CYBERBULYING – 10 TIPS & TRICKS” YouTube video by Kalab Templeman

Disclaimer: General advice only. Statics accurate as of June 2017 (E-Safety). Images used are within fair dealing.

Disclaimer: General advice only. Statics accurate as of June 2017 (E-Safety). Images used are within fair dealing.

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Disclaimer: General advice only. Statics accurate as of June 2017 (E-Safety). Images used are within fair dealing.

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How To Deal With Cyber Bullying: 6 Tips

Cyber bullying is bullying that takes place either online or through other digital media and often occurs on platforms such as social media, online games and internet forums.Cyber bullying is bullying that takes place either online or through other digital media. Me myself has been Cyber Bullied before, we used these tips to help us!…

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Video Transcript:

hi everybody kalab here from in today’s video i’ll be giving you 10 tips on how to deal with cyberbullying and online harassment if you’re new and you’re finding value in this content consider subscribing and clicking the bell for more videos like this let’s get into it i want to outline some super quick statistics which are quite relevant to this video so first of all we’ve actually got a quite large number one in five australian young people reported being socially excluded threatened bullied or harassed online one in five australian young people admitted they’re behaving in a negative way to appear online name calling excluding them spreading lies and rumors and of course catch 22 more than 90 percent of those one in five people have had a negative experience themselves and in addition 80 percent of young people have witnessed cyberbullying of some kind that was 12 months to june 2017 thanks to a safety for those statistics i also like to go with a bit of a quote here pulling someone down will never help you reach to the top.

now the big question is how can you overcome this online bullying and harassment number one and this may seem pretty obvious is for the fact is do not respond and ignore be the bigger person don’t respond by responding it may escalate the situation and it also may get you in more trouble in the sense of if you’re responding if you’re bullying the back it may not be ideal like i mentioned it’s best to ignore if you can what’s the aim everyone’s going to aim in life these trolls their main aim is to get you to respond to get a reaction from you by not responding they’re going to get bored like i mentioned the best response is don’t respond at all if you feel the need to respond if you feel the desperate need to respond do it respectively otherwise you can be held accountable

and in addition document everything which that actually goes on to our next point of document everything if you’re getting cyberbullied have asked trolled online it is ideal that you document everything screenshot what they say screenshot what they post they can be used to report to social media platforms and law enforcement what do we mean by this we’re talking about videos photos posts all of that keep an online folder make sure everything’s documented with the dates and time stamps see bill okay this guy taxed me on this date let’s go back to this respective folder

number three we’ve got assess how serious the cyberbullying is assess the nature of how it is there’s two scenarios here number one is it just name calling isn’t just you know hey i hate you you know for ride whatever it is maybe just block maybe just you know maybe just block them maybe delete their stuff however if it’s more serious ongoing threatening tell someone about it teacher parent report to police number four is report it and tell someone about it tell a parent teacher friend counsellor message me if you want to talk if you’re getting bullied feel free to send me a message with reporting it it’s best to start with the platform itself a lot of platforms of tools and procedures in place where they can remove content e-safety as well where we’re getting these stats from e-safety they’re pretty much the governing body in australia for the most part regarding online stuff and of course you’ve got the australian cybercrime network as well and in addition police that’s pretty much only if you’re needed now what does reporting look like they’ve already got dedicated teams that can assist with content removal and of course with police they can assist with something major they could simply do things as tracking them down they said bully give them cautions it really depends on the whole situation with how they will actually precede it

another quote as well i tend to bring a few quotes in here is you never look good trying to make someone else bad which is 100 correct

up next we’ve got tell them to stop like i imagined if the bullying is repeated sometimes ignoring ignoring the bully doesn’t help so by if the ignoring doesn’t help simply tell them to stop let them know what they’re doing is hurtful it’s hurting you, the bully they might not even know what they’re doing is bullying to let them know and be cool don’t come off as aggressive they could put you in hot water yourself

number six we’ve got block the bully blocking the bully may be the best option you can report all of that like i mentioned do your documentations then simply just block it’s that easy with the blocking you know it’s it may make the bully or troll board if you block them oh well he’s blocked me what can i do it’s going to generally improve your well-being if you block them because if you just keep reporting and if you don’t block they’re just going to continue to engage in the said activity now let’s look at a quick example here on the right so instagram that’s got a zero tolerance of bullying the company have got procedures in place to prevent bullying stuff like restrict auto hide comments instagram can detect and hide offensive comments and you’ve got the port stuff as well

the seventh tip is to never pass along messages from those new cyberbully generally speaking if you’re getting a message don’t forward it on to somebody else if you forward it on to somebody else you could get into more trouble as it says on the left don’t be a part of the problem be a part of the solution to the problem strong people stand up for themselves but the strongest people stand up for others

in addition with the number eight if you say bullying or trolling don’t ignore it speak up if you keep yourself quiet if you don’t mention anything about it you can be a part of the problem as well like i imagine don’t be a bystander be an upstander then again at times it’s best just to ignore but then again if you do see maybe step in then again it’s always gonna depend on the circumstances

now number nine now this is more for less serious things it’s generally speaking just laugh it off um if someone says something funny or whatever you can just try to laugh it off now generally speaking you know some people this guy’s bullying me this guy’s trolling me but they may just be trying to have a laugh be funny and not and they don’t think it’s hurtful however obviously people say funny things and of course things can be taken too far so then again you gotta really um determine that now of course if it’s not funny at all if you’re really hurt by what was said or was offending you or whatever you can definitely use other methods stated in this video

now up next folks i really there’s really a five-step process that i sort of use to beat the trolls and bullies number one is document everything do screenshots all of that number two tell somebody parent eat you etc number three block the person try not to respond number four gather all evidence report to social media platforms a safety for australia people and law enforcement if required and number five keep monitoring the situation office you know it’s simple loop if five continues again go back to one so on and so forth

for more information you can look at the relevant links on screen these actual websites is where i got all of those statistics from so it is much appreciated and in that regard i really appreciate you all watching so if you’re new don’t forget to subscribe and notifications on i’ve been kalab from see you all next time bye for now


General advice only.

Statics accurate as of June 2017 (E-Safety).

Images used are within fair dealing.