PixelLab App main features

today we’re doing a video tutorial how to make a professional logo with pixelLab app.

View video here:

Main Features

3D Text: Make 3D texts and place them on above of your images, or stand them in cool photos

Text effect: Pixellab provides a lot of customisation text effects like padding, colouring, stroke, shadow, Emboss, reflection and more.

Text font: you can pick a font your according and also you can be install font your according.

Remove the Background: be a blue background, green background additional and other colour. You can erase any colour by select colour and erase them.

Image Effect: Pixellab provides a lot of customisation in our photo. You can easily use this effect and customise your photo.

Best Logos Design: By using the pixellab you can make an easily 3D logos.

3D Effect: you can customise a 3D effect of our text.

Logo Maker: you can make a logo with the help of an app.