RouteNote Review


Today we will be doing a review of RouteNote.

RouteNote is a music distribution company based in the UK. But can be used worldwide.

As RouteNote’s tagline says “Music Distribution Simplified” They have that right. Getting music to stores through RouteNote is easy and for the best part it is FREE. You got it right! FREE!!!

Below is an image of the differences between the free distribution and the paid Distribution:

What you get with Free Distribution:

Here is what you get with Paid Distribution:

We have spoken about pricing, Now let’s talk about support.

RouteNote’s support team are amazing, They are really good. You have the options to submit a ticket through the RouteNote Account home page. You can also contact RouteNote via phone, during business hours,

RouteNote have quite a quick moderation process, It normally takes about 1 – 2 weeks to get songs to stores. IF you want to get a song removed from a specific store/s or all stores, You can submit a ticket and they will get back to you with more information.

With what stores you can send your music to, currently there is 25 or so partnered stores that you can get your music onto with RouteNote.

Over all, RouteNote are a great Music Distribution company, It is good hat for the fact that they allow users to upload music for free, Also they allow people to pay some money to get 100% of earnings.