Trent Barrett aparently to leave Manly Sea Eagles at end of 2018 season

Trent Barrett the coach of the Manly Sea Eagles is set to leave and won’t be coaching the Manly Sea Eagles, at the end of the season. Trent Barrett is set to leave Manly at the end of the season, according to NRL 360 host Paul Kent.

Despite re-signing with the Sea Eagles last season until the end of 2020, the coach is said to have been unhappy with the Sea Eagles’ lack of resources, despite promises to put help around him.

My response to this, There has been limited reports regaring this, i actually found out via a manly sea eagles facebook group that i’m in, i’d say their would be further updates to come, but my current respone

(AKA what i’m thinking while writting this)

is that was quite predictable as i have saw multipe reports regaring him threatining to leave, and well,here you go, he will be leaving Manly Sea Eagles (we’ll shorten it to MSE)

As in who will be MSE coach in the next season?? We will have to wait and see on that one.

Picture of Trent Barrett