Ennui.tv’s “Who Is Kalab Templeman?” Documentary out tomorrow

Main Points:

  • Ennui.TV ‘s Kalab Templeman docuentary will be released tomorrow (7.4.19) 6PM AEST on YouTube.

Below,is how you can watch the doco:



A few months ago. We met up with Ben and Matthew from Ennui.TV. to film a mini documentary about me (Kalab Templeman) and it was filmed in Wollongong.

After weeks of editing, producing and uploading, Ennui.tv announced few days ago a release date for the doco. The release date is 7.4.19 at 6PM AEST.

Today, (6.4.19) Ennui.tv announced for EnnuiPlus Members (Ennui’s monthy subscribers on pateron) they had access tho the doco one day early, from being to the public on Youtube (below)

Enjoy the documentary! It’s awesome!!!

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