Do you want to grow on Instagram? If that’s so, check out this bloh, where i discuss 5 tips and tricks on how to grow on Instagram, (some free and paid options!) This blog post refers to the YT Video:

Billions of people use Instagram, Instagram is the best way to engage with your audience, with stories, posts, DM, etc.

Today we’ll give you 5 tips.



#1 Develop A Neiche:

What is a neiche? A neiche is an area of the market specializing in one type of product or service, for example, a instagramer might have there account all to do with food – so you’d expect continue on the account.. right?.. A neiche is good on Instagram, as people will come to your account for specific content, and not just come to see random selfies!

#2 Make A Theme:

Themes are great, a theme is a layout of content?, for example, all black and white photos a specific filter etc, this is good as it makes your instagram feed look nice, and a nice IG feed means more followers!

#3 Use HashTags #:

Hashtags are your best friend on Instagram, many people look at hashtags to specific subjects (refer to #1). Using hashtags males your content show in more places, meaning more people will see your content, meaning more followers!!

#4 Collab With Others:

Collaborations on IG are a win win – you expose your followers to the other creators followers and vice versa. Collabs are a great way to increase followers and grow your instagram, in general, they are awesome!

#5 Paid Advertising:

As the point suggests, this is paid – but can lead to very good results for as little as $1 a day you cam place ads online and on Instagram, the results will vary, but most of the times the posts will be engaging ads so where people can follow and share the page.

Those are 5 quick tips to help you grow on Instagram,

Prefer video version?


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