8 MUST KNOW Rules: Mobile Phone Etiquettes | Do’s & Don’ts

We are all ADDICTED to our phones, but what are some etiquettes that you should follow with those phones in common situations?.. Read this post NOW to find out!

1: Phones off during meal times / catching up w/ friends

You… yeah you, you should switch off the table during meal times or when you are catching up with family or friends: (Unless you’re expecting important news) but please, just put it down

2: Phone Calls In Public? DO IT QUIETLY!

We all need to take phone calls here and there, to chat with friends, to request callback at kalabtempleman.com and more, but please, if you’re in public and need to take phone calls, please do it quietly or use headphones. We do not want to hear what you had for breakfast!

3. Avoid talking about personal or confidential topics in a public place


If you are talking about a personal issue or a confidential problem or issue, it’s best not to do.this in public, as these conversations should be kept for private.

4: Selfie Stick Etiquette (this really needs it’s own blog post!)

Everyone loves selfie sticks,  If you are going to use a selfie stick, be considerate with others. And make sure you use it appropriately! Do not swing it around, or use it at inappropriate places like, places of worship or funerals. Just don’t. Just be respectful!

5: Pick an Inoffensive Ringtone

There’s always been that moment where you’ve been in a meeting, or at school, or at work, and your phone has rang, and it blasts a inappropriate song, not good hey?

Moral of this point: use a standard “ring ring” kind of ringtone, or something more appropriate, otherwise people are gonna hate you for it!

6: Use Silent Mode!

Use silent mode: Leaving your phone on your desk? Make sure you choose a silent ringtone. You’ll annoy your colleagues if your phone keeps ringing. And ringing. And ringing. Just please, don’t do it!

7: Don’t overuse hashtags:

We always say that #hashtags are your best friend in regards to promo, BUT…. please, don’t use to many hashtags! I recommend 10 #hashtags MAX!

8: Stop the loud speaker calls! (Most cases)

Hey… Don’t be one of those people who hold their phone in front of their mouths with the loud speaker switched on like they’re auditioning to be on The Apprentice or something. Hold the phone up to your ear and adjust the volume. Or use headphones.


Photos from: https://www.pexels.com/

Information: From own knowledge and also Just Google “mobile phone edicates” to see more info.

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