Scambaiting: New Video: Microsoft Popup Scam | NEW VIDEO

Today we have an awesome video! Some Scambaiting!! We’re sorry for no Wednesday video, have been too busy with other work! But new video tonight! More info below

Example of the popup

Today we ring a Microsoft PopUp Virus scam. Known as remote access scams, these pop-up windows are used as a ploy to get unsuspecting victims to call a fake support line – usually a 1800 number. The scammer will then ask for remote access to their victim’s computer to ‘find out what the problem is’. We ring them and waste there time and resources. Our fight to stop the #scammers with doing #scambaiting

“Once a scammer has remote access to your computer they can install malicious software, steal your personal data, con you into paying for a ‘service’ of your PC, or sell you unnecessary software to fix a problem that doesn’t exist,” 


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