Further Updates Regarding Content (Exam/Life Update)

Recently there was a Video published giving some updates and setting a few overall expectations with regards to video content, due to events such as exams, and other similar personal events.

Today i have an update. Most exams have been complete, (3 completed this week, 2 exams next week to be completed) however, this is the main focus, so there may be an increase in content, but there may not be.

Generally speaking, once the exam period is over ( 2nd of next week), there is only a few weeks left of school, then there is the school holidays, with that being said, during the school holidays, and a bit before then, there will be a fair amount of video and online content published, we will be “on that daily grind” if possible.

In addition to exams and studies,, we have a lot of personal events and commitments to attend to, such as meetings, personal events, etc. So this will also be a focus during this time

Like i mentioned in the video,

Just because there is less content being posted during these times, this doesn’t mean you’ll get bored, we have over 400 videos on the channel, you won’t get bored for weeks, sit back, and watch our old classics!

Kalab Templeman – UPDATES VIDEO

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