Updates To KN Support! (More Ways To Reach Out!)

(NEW) Live Chat Support

Live chat support is returning, after the sudden removal of the old live chat support systems, we have taken feedback from many customers and site users, that customers and site users prefer live chat, (and speaking directly to someone in real time!) as opposed to email or message support.

With that being said, KN Live Chat Support HAS RETURNED! is that there’ll be a “live chat” button on the footer of every page, plus on the contact page!

Every website needs good customer support. Kalabtempleman.com has recently added new support options to help customers with technical problems, purchases, service questions, shopping and more,

Email Support

There has always been email support, previously customers sent emails directly to an email address, however, we are working on migrating all customers to kalabtempleman.com/contact to start there enquiry.

Callback Support

Most websites offer phone support, however, due to limitations, i cannot have a “direct phone number” for “support” – the alternative? Callback requests! You can request a callback via kalabtempleman.com/contact, just tick “request a callback request” to get started, please note,, by completing the contact form, doesn’t guarantee a callback.

(NEW) Social Media Support

More people, companies and organisations are using social media to provide customer service to their customers. We have recently introduced KN Social Support, via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, start a conversation via @kalab032 on social media, to get help fast, for some billing and account enquires, social support isn’t available. You’d need to go to the website to reach out

24/7 Support Hub “Kalab Network Support Hub”

Have a general concern or issue? check our 24/7 support hub, with frequently asked questions, common troubleshooting steps, and more, if you can’t get to a human and need fast help, try the support hub. Anywhere. Anytime, 24/7.