YouTube Down

YouTube and Gmail websites are not working for many users across India. According to the popular website Down Detector, many Google services including YouTube, Gmail, Google and Google Drive are not working for many users. Apart from these websites, Down Detector claims that even Google Play, Google Maps, Google Hangouts, Google Duo and Google Meet are not working for many.


YouTube says via Twitter they are back up running! – What a quick fix! There’s other reports that Gmail, Drive are working normally now. Below is the tweet:

Update — We’re back up and running! You should be able to access YouTube again and enjoy videos as normal

Originally tweeted by TeamYouTube (@TeamYouTube) on 14 Dec 2020.

Of you use Incognito mode, some users can access YT/Gmail, looks like they are sorting out the problem!

YouTube is currently experiencing issues when users try to access YouTube website, seeing a “something went wrong” screen with the YouTube Monkey.

On Gmail, an error message reads: “Oops…the system encountered a problem – retrying.” And on YouTube, a cartoon image of a monkey appears, simply saying: “Something went wrong…”

According to DownDetector, the issues started at around 11:56 GMT, and are affecting users worldwide.

Of those who reported issues with YouTube, 54% said they couldn’t access the website, 42% couldn’t watch videos and 3% were struggling to log-in.

And of those who reported problems with Gmail, 75% couldn’t log-in, 15% couldn’t access the website, and 8% were not receiving messages.

Several frustrated users have taken to Twitter to ask what’s going on.

Team YouTube on Twitter has posted about the issue:

One user said: “Gmail, Google Drive and YouTube all being down at once is………really not supposed to happen. Something has gone very wrong at Google towers.”

Gmail Is Also Down

Another added: “Is Gmail down for anyone else? Both my personal and work accounts are giving 502s.” With the Gmail site saying “Sorry, there seems to be a problem. The service you’re looking for is temporarily unavailable. We’re working hard to restore your access as soon as possible. Please try again in a few hours. Thanks for your patience.”

This is most likely some kind of glitch within google’s service, could be an DDOS attack, no one knows. Google will be fixing the issues as fast as they can.



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