A Quick YouTube Channel Update | Important News

Hello all! I hope we are all going well.

You may of noticed, there has not been much content online lately.

As stated in many posts and videos before, we need to prioritise certain things, before YouTube.

Some examples of these include school, volunteering commitments, other program commitments and more.

Generally speaking, in the currently moment there is a lot going on.

In that regard, content will still be filmed (for example, for the upcoming weekend, content will be filmed for the following week). This is the initial plan, to balance work, school, etc, however we may not be able to film said content, due to commitments like in the week.

Then again, it’s always good to think quality and value over quantity. In simple terms, it’s better to put it 1-2 videos a week with extreme value and quality then try to rush a to get a video out (like with the Q&A Stream, I initially was going to record edit and upload all within 1 hour, it would of been very rushed, so made the decision to do that stream- a perfect example.)

Content will be back to “normal schedules” as soon as possible, like I mentioned value and quality is better then quantity. With that being said, go watch our old videos! There’s over 500 videos to watch, plus amazing content on the website too.

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