Some further updates with the website, YouTube updates etc.

I’m always looking at updating KalabTempleman.com to make it better then ever.

I feel that the website is good, BUT, we can improve!

So that is why, throughout August, I’ll be doing some significant sites updates that include but not limited to:

  • Home page redesign: less content, more to the point
  • Responsive design: more responsive and faster loading on more screens
  • Call to actions
  • Easy access to popular features on side menus
  • Return on live chat (no ETA as yet)
  • Merging some similar pages

To get notified of updates, head on over to kalabtempleman.com/blog to sign up and get notified as I publish these blogs.

YouTube Update

No videos in a week, not that active on social media, here’s why.

Priorities. That basically explains it, with the current circumstances with online learning, and my HSC, this is the main priority, to ace those exams and assessments! So in that respect, like always I’ve focused on HSC, but the lockdown makes it difficult, and not knowing what’ll happen next,, as I stated on my recent interview with Win News back in July.

The Lockdown As I do a lot of event and travel vlogs, lockdown can make it difficult to film content, you may of noticed more sit down style videos (like q&a’s etc,) however, its the challenging of keeping an audience engaged during these said sit down videos and content,

In addition, other commitments, such as employment or volunteering work, or freelance work also have an impact on work (once again priorities) generally speaking I cannot go into detail about this for obvious reasons.

we are working on it. There will be more virtual content, throughout lockdowns etc, it is what it is!

Stay tuned for more videos and posts, I will be back better then ever, let’s give it some time, focus on these priorities, we’ll get there!

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