Website Update: New ToS Page Layout

I have a small, but important website update regarding a easier way to read through the websites terms of service document.

No one likes reading any Term’s of Service and privacy policy of any website, but if you just check the box, signing your life away.

Everyone hates long documents, has many terms categories, So i have condensed it down in these 2 ways:

1: “Drop Down” menu feature. Where you can view specific sections of the ToS without searching it, if you want photography terms, just click to view! See below

Video: Brand New “Drop Down” Site ToS (Music: Neffex Revolution)

This alone, allows people to stay in the same place, read information in small chunks and more easily and quickly. Much more efficient read time.

To clarify, this is not the final version, We are constantly working on improving the website, and more specifically, long document pages like this.

2: Throughout the ToS page, there was button links to view each relevant section of the terms. The Problem? People were going back and fourth, people were losing where they were up to in reading, Hence why i implimented the “drop down” method where the menus drop down, It makes things so much easier for visitors, however both options are still available.

See example here:

This is a important site update, it makes it much easier to read the term of service. Soon, all the ToS page will be is that drop down, however we thought to leave the current version, as is, for now. Easier for all users.