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what’s up guys Kalab from and in this video i’ll be giving you 10 tips on how to stay motivated doing lockdown if you’re new don’t forget to subscribe and notifications on

let’s get started first of all i need to give you background and context on what motivation actually is motivation is enthusiasm for doing something and a reason or reasons for acting or behaving in a particular way different types you’ve got intrinsic that’s pretty much the satisfaction point extrinsic reward driven positive as well pretty obvious you’ve got a reward for good performance stuff like that and of course negative as well that may be a consequence get into these 10 tips

number one is routine having a routine is key obviously when we’re at school you know try a cobra try a lockdown when we were at school when we were at work we had a routine we were able to go in at 9 amp clock on at 9am walk out at five have all your periods at school all of that with the lockdown it’s a bit difficult you’re really it’s all haywire in the sense of working at home and learning from home so in the sense having a basic routine and getting into habits i use always a quote which will bring up in a moment it’s always good to get into a habit for example with my phone you know if i’m going to sleep i put the phone in the top drawer or something so i can’t lose it you know you know getting into that habit where you’re just gonna do it that’s what i mean when i refer to routine in addition like i mentioned learn new habits or discover or rediscover old ones

number two is goal setting and rewards focus on the little things it’s better to get all of the little things done which you can do in a reasonable amount of time as opposed to letting all of them build up and put it into one massive problem for one massive task take it step by step at a time once goals are accomplished you can give yourself a reward for example let’s say if you’ve done a three-hour zoom meeting and you’ve took 20 pages of notes at work with you accomplishing that you can give yourself a reward watch your movie get fast food take away whatever you want to do you’ve got a goal then you’ve got a reward in addition to that i’ve got a great powerful quote here a goal without a timeline is just a dream of course with your goals it’s logically there’ll be a dream if you want to make them reality have a timeline on the steps that you’re going to do to achieve that respective goal

number three is connecting with others talking with people people who will impact you in a positive way there’s no point you spending 99 of your time trying to impact and influence somebody to do something when they’re only giving you one percent of that time back i know i’ve been experienced i’ve i’ve been in communities well i’ve been giving all of the positivity and all of the motivation and i haven’t got not much of that back and they give motivation to me a good example is fun i know you’re watching man what’s up because i’ll do a link in the link in description but me and schmon we were on a call after friday’s live stream we were on we were on for like three hours just dropping knowledge bombs doing loads of motivation motivating each other and that really motivates me one thing i love doing is i love helping people and of course involve people with what you’re doing that’s really important

number four is setting your priorities think of these three main questions what must be done what is important what will you compromise in the sense of if you need to get one thing done and let’s say if you’ve got another task that is a bit down the list how many hours what will you compromise for example you know let’s say if i’ve got a work shift on a friday evening obviously i regularly do the youtube live stream in the center but i got a work shift on a friday evening that would obviously be a priority over youtube in addition you can make progress every single day that’s important of course to change your life you need to change your priorities great quote or some random guy market

number five is staying positive think in the present one thing i’ve done many of times is always think either in the future in the past we always think of when we’re locked down and wants to go with the vaccines there’s there’s a lot on the mind you know look at melbourne look at sydney look at what’s in the new screens and there’s a lot on our minds it’s always ideal in that sense you think in the present stay positive remind yourself that this lockdown isn’t going to last forever whether we all get vaccines whatever we do this lockdown is not going to last forever and think of it this way everything you accomplish while you’re studying working at home it’s going to count towards your future success no matter how small it might be whether it’s you doing a one day online course or a month’s course whatever you do it’s always going to help you in the future always stay positive

number six once again thinking in the present taking a break there’s no point you going 30 hours with work or with school to get overwhelmed and burnt out for example with youtube i haven’t uploaded in the good four days i don’t know content over the weekend because i had some work and i was generally taking a break from social media to an extent it is okay to take a break you don’t need to be pushing out content or doing work or whatever take a breather take a break relax yourself and reward yourself with what you can do even though routine instruction is good sometimes it’s good to take a break from what’s happening once again think in the present moment don’t worry about what’s happening in the past or the future think of it with a modem if the modem doesn’t it works again similarly with humans almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes including you great a really great quote quote that

number seven is exercise and motivation i go to the weekly gym you know personal training group classes it’s amazing however with lockdown gyms are closed i haven’t gone to the gym over a month generally speaking you can get active and get fit at home in the sense center there’s a lot of workout videos on youtube you can improvise look with what’s around you what can i do try some new workouts motivation you want to know what i never done motivation i know my business studies change you especially every time before we start the class she put on this youtube clip of just five minutes of motivation and and that isn’t shout out to her and as well in that sense motivation can really help you in the sense of relaxing your mind restarting your mind it can really really help you and of course keeping fit and healthy and your mind healthy as well can help you with being motivated

number eight is celebrate every day of course during the lockdown there’s not much we can do but at home we might be able to go to the store if we’re vaccinated we might be able to go out with a friend or two to the park if you do a little task celebrate yourself that you’ve achieved something whether that’s getting a chocolate bar whether that’s watching a movie whether that’s doing a youtube stream using melon caleb link in description whatever you want to do you know celebrate each day once you’ve achieved the task

number nine is do your personal best everybody is different everybody the lockdown affects every single person differently in that sense do your best what what if i wrote to you ego whether you’re getting a great kpi at work making your bed doing exercise eating today whatever your problem is or whatever you’ve got generally speaking if you do your personal best just do your personal best everybody does things differently you know do your personal best and

number 10 don’t wait just do it

super quick i’ll recap really really quick recap here have a routine goal setting rewards connecting with others setting your priorities setting goals stay positive take breaks when needed exercise meditate celebrate personal best don’t wait just do it that time to do a bit of a rap there but guys i really appreciate you all watching if you guys are new don’t forget to subscribe and on post notifications for more. all information provided in this video but general advice on i’ve been kalab from i’m hoping you guys enjoy the template shout out to microsoft but um guys kalab from see you all next time bye for now

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  1. This post of yours really helped me so much during these days I am sorry I am late to be thankful to you but you are amazing you really made things and living easier for us.


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