After 2 years of being hesitant. i finally get my haircut after well over 2 years or growing it long, I know you folks would be interested to see what it’s about, so watch this video to see the wonderful transformation. Did i get just a trim and keep it all long, or did i go all out and get a number 2 or 1, or BALD! – WATCH THE VIDEO TO FIND OUT! – Also see the before, the after, and also the amount of hair left on the floor after all being swept up! Is it a lot? WATCH AND SEE!


hey there everyone it’s kalab here from i’m getting my first haircut in two years i haven’t had a haircut since the end of 2019 really with all the pandemic i just literally haven’t had time so this is how the hair looks like right at the moment um it is nearly like down like but get it all done like in one you can see how long it is excited to finally get a haircut i thought it tied up a lot of these times but i thought you wanna know what i might as well get a haircut and then i’m probably not gonna be able to do a time lapse because uh my phone is nearly gonna go flat

but yeah guys so this is me with long hair let’s see what it look like with short hair oh i think guys so this is the haircut looking pretty good um it was crazy and take a look on screen now the amount of hair that was left it was crazy guys but hope you guys enjoy the new hair shout out to box barbers not sponsored but um it was good it got to around 20 bucks because the hair was so long it was like like my head feels a lot lighter now it feels a lot lighter and it’s like i got a haircut uh before the pandemic so late november 2019 is when i got the haircut so it’s been a while we know it’s dusty i haven’t had a haircut in a while um but i’ve opened it up i’ve went to to get the haircut looks really good guys

i’m a fan of it and it feels good i got a number four um i was thinking of doing a number three but at number three it you know it felt quite short so i thought hey might as well do a number four and do you want do i recommend you guys getting long hair yeah you can get it that’s if you can maintain it no it is not um it is not in a bun it’s not a ponytail thing i’ve pranked a few people in the past whether being in a bun or a ponytail but it looks really good

i hear it was literally down past my shoulders and it was really crazy and i thought you want to know what like as the the father blake the guy out there really good shout out to him the uh barbara up there i was always hesitant to cut the hell off um i was always hesitant to cut it off but i thought you want to know what you know

it’s getting hot especially this week and it’s going to be quite hot and later in the week so i thought you want to know what i might as well get it cut and it’ll be a good youtube video especially the before and after it’s like with the long hair a lot of it was just it was hot especially on those really really hot summer day summer days even though when i tied it up it was still hot i know dad for a long time dad has wanted me to grow long hair and what i had my hair what you guys saw earlier in the video is

the longest that it’s ever been now the question is folks will i ever grow my hair that long again probably not super quick guys take a look at the before and the after of the haircut take a look as well on your screen of the amount of hair that was on the floor um crazy amount of hair it’s a good new look and hopefully you guys enjoyed it if you did if you like the haircut slap a like on it subscribe for more i’ve been caleb from calebgum i’ll see you all next time bye for now

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