How is it going, everybody? It’s Kalab here from, in this video. I want to give you guys a super quick update on my return now. Guys, I know it’s been a long time since about on YouTube. It has nearly been two months since the official blog or whatever happened and June the both two months now it’s been a lot that’s been going on.

I’ve been busy with work and my diploma with work. I will be looking at like 25, 30 hours each week. Plus with the diploma will got some amazing projects. I’m so busy. It, it’s unbelievable. Of course with being with me being busy, that is meant I haven’t had time to upload on YouTube. I haven’t had time to post content on social media.

I’ve done the occasional YouTube show, but even then that’s been once a fortnight. So first of all, right off the bat I want to apologize and yes, I have been slack, have been producing content and not even just on YouTube, on Instagram or Facebook or video on my discourse. But let’s talk about the video and let’s talk about what the return will look like as if this could be the return itself.

I’m not sure a lot of things are very unpredictable of the moment. Just, you know, look, with Colbert and look with everything that happened in the past and now. So what is the time? Well, this weekend I’m going to build a board. So I’m definitely going to blow job, whether that vlog will be the return or I’m not.

Joel, it could be a sit down video like this where I explained with what’s been going on now, in addition to that, you know, after I’ve done the individual return and all that stuff, what’s the plan? But I can recall in the previous official video that I done, I was like, Oh, the guys fell and smashed the break and we are going to upload more content, which of course that didn’t happen because I was so busy with work and just even though, yes, I was on semester break, I was still working on a lot of projects and stuff like that.

So yes, because I was on the semester break, I didn’t really necessarily stop. So once I do the return, what does that mean with regards to content? Well, I don’t want to burn myself out and I feel at the end of it. We were coming up to the end of semester when I was doing buying videos and all of it just was burned out.

I was burnt out and I felt that, you know, and a part of it as well was taking a break from social media, which, you know, you need a break after being on YouTube now. I’ve been on YouTube alone for six and a half years, but at the end of the day, I feel that with all this return and all this stuff, I want to do it well.

I can manage to have professional and quality content, but not get rained out. So for example, the old dashboard video that we’re going through this week and you know, that could be uploaded mid of next week at the beginning, we might just get started with one video a week or maybe, you know, one video and a YouTube shown, you know, on a week.

And then as we continue to engage with more content, you know, you do more videos and, you know, just to start flow, I guess with the build up. And, you know, so I feel that for the most part for me to not so much balance back and do all five videos a week is really good. Start with one video a week.

And I mean it this video could be this week’s video and then the whole blog could be next week’s video. Who knows? But I’ve been starting with not one video a week. Once we started with the one video we week start to pick up, you know, do two videos a week for a bit, see how it goes. If I need to go back to one, I will.

And now I do, I guess the slow increase. And then, you know, it was the blogs and tech and stuff. Many have gone to have an overload of maybe a week or two and then come back with a video. But this has been the longest. It’s literally been two months, so it’s been a while. And when I don’t upload don’t ask questions.

So this is the reality. I’m a busy person. I’m now with live streaming on. I think it’s been nearly three months since I’ve done a live through and imagine this is sort of the previous video I’ve been for what time frame? To be honest, I don’t really know all I do. I say this over the years I never have to go through.

I have a guy because I need to be flexible with what I’m doing on social media on my own. Like on down is on. Like I’ll be like, right, we’re going live, right? Boom, boom, boom, boom. Boom and not go live, which has been the case for the past few months. So I guess at the moment the go schedule will be whenever like and whenever I’ve got 20 or 30 or even an hour to go live before work like I want to do now working tonight.

But I thought from an edited video and upload it before work. Judge you better than once. Don’t you know I’m yeah. Look I have a live drains knows the schedule as yet or knows that guides or is based at the moment. I’m going to do them whenever I can because I can’t whether I like if I could be out in the real world, so to speak, making an impact, helping people and improving myself.

That’s just the reality. It is what it is as I said, I like we use interview about a year ago and yes, this is the longest that it’s been. But my to my knowledge, the longest that it’s been since I have an upload of it on YouTube, not even using YouTube, but all social media. This is only the start of the supposed return.

Zooey is. But yes, the previous video I said it was the Beatles do it was really of the time I guess at the end of the day they’re all about setting your priorities is like doing social media like literally not going to work your roster but you don’t go to work you do on YouTube or is a priority going to work.

Don’t don’t study you know do I classify YouTube as a priority in a sense? It’s definitely still a priority. I still want to upload content and upload a high quality content and engage the audience. This video might be a bit long, but I’m not. But it’s just setting about priorities. And at the time, YouTube wasn’t really a priority.

I was busy with work. YouTube’s definitely a priority in one sense, but in another sense I’ve got like 30 other priorities higher than you do. I want to thank you. Overwatch you give me. I know this video may be long, but let me tell you that if you’ve watched this whole video comment down below, the nice man gave it up then I know you watch the whole video as of when the next video will be.

I want to be completely honest. I do not know who the other boards blog me. Another random blog could be a tech video I don’t know what the direction is yet. I guess we’re going to play by it for now, but I believe now I’ll give you guys a full breakdown first on

You’ve got some big things coming. I need you on you. Don’t forget to and notifications on, Yes, I can say the wait was worth it. Kalab from thank you for watching I’ll see you next time. Bye for now.

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