Top 11 YouTube Video Ideas | GROW FAST ON YOUTUBE

Top 11 YouTube Video Ideas | GROW FAST ON YOUTUBE Stuck for YouTube video ideas? Read this post for ideas, from trends, cooking, tech, it’s all here. 1. ABOUT US VIDEO If you’ve got a YouTube channel for your business, an About Us or explainer video that showcases what you do is a good video to startContinue reading “Top 11 YouTube Video Ideas | GROW FAST ON YOUTUBE”

Why I’m Not Attending Vidcon Australia

Last week we posted on Twitter announcing that i won’t be attending Vidcon Australia this year. Unfortunately we will NOT be attending Vidcon Australia 2019 in Melbourne this year. Sorry for any inconveniene We got a lot of messages, comments, and email regarding this announcement, i wanted to make this post explaining some of theContinue reading “Why I’m Not Attending Vidcon Australia”

Event Photography Services

We’re now offering photography services. These include: – Event Photography – Music Photography – Corporate Events Photography – Party Photography NOTE: YOU MUST BE WITHIN THE WOLLONGONG/SYDNEY AREA Price does depend on a case by case basis Contact me for more info and a free quote. CONTACT METHODS: email Instagram DM – @kalab032 FacebookContinue reading “Event Photography Services”