Why I’m Not Attending Vidcon Australia

Last week we posted on Twitter announcing that i won’t be attending Vidcon Australia this year.

Unfortunately we will NOT be attending Vidcon Australia 2019 in Melbourne this year.
Sorry for any inconveniene

We got a lot of messages, comments, and email regarding this announcement, i wanted to make this post explaining some of the main reasons on why we won’t be attending. Also i might make a YT Video on this – who knows yet.

Like you know, i’ve said this in nearly all of my YouTube videos, that school always comes first, and i really mean it! One of the main reasons i won’t be attending is for the fact that during the Vidcon Australia week at school we have many assessments due that week, as well as exams, which cannot be missed – if missed that’d be bad for everyone. This is the main reason. The second reason is that during the vidcon aus week, there was many events that were happening, personal events and other things happening during the time – including event photography jobs, family sickness etc – so for this reason also we were unable to attend Vidcon Australia – i hope you understand.

I’m sorry if you were planing on attending Vidcon Aus to meet me, even Vidcon Says if you’re only going to the event to meet a specific creator, don’t bother going. But just send me a message and we can work something out!

Sorry for any inconvenience! If you have further questions, send a email.


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