Creator Interview

Welcome to our new series called “Creator Interview”. A new series where we interview fellow creators. The “Creator Interview” series is currently under a trial, and after a few weeks of monitoring views and watch time, we’ll determine if the series will continue.

We will sit down with one creator, asking them questions in 3 categories,

  • Personal Background
  • What They Currently Do
  • What They Aspire To Do

The interview questions may be seen by the creators before the interview, for time length reasons. Questions will be mainly about the creators online experiences/careers. The series isn’t just limited to YouTubers, it is about many types of creators. We may even have have a few musical artists, actors, business people, tiktokers, and even more for the interviews


DISCLAIMER: The views of everyone in these videos do not represent any company they work for or have worked for previously. The views of creator does not reflect on kalab templeman’s views etc. All views are our own. By doing a interview, Creator has given KALAB TEMPLEMAN permission to be in this interview video. Creator gives KALAB TEMPLEMAN authorisation to use creators video for purpose of interview. more info IF A CREATOR SELECTED FOR AN INTERVIEW. BY COMPLETING AN INTERVIEW DOES NOT GUARANTEE THE INTERVIEW WILL BE PUBLISHED. INTERVIEWS WILL BE PUBLISHED AS OUR SOLE DISCRETION