Aquaman Trailer Release Date

So with the recent influx in trailers for films releasing in the December region of this year, DC fans have been wondering when an Aquaman trailer will be released. Well, a few days ago, Warner Bros gave us our answer.

On James Wan’s Instagram, he announced that the first official trailer for the new Aquaman film coming this December will be shown at San Diego Comic Con. This moves seems fairly risky at first but after some consideration, maybe this is the best move for Warner Bros to take. Since MARVEL Studios isn’t hosting a panel at San Diego Comic Con this year, DC/Warner Bros has no competition for superhero movies. This means that all the spotlight will be placed on Aquaman by the news articles covering the event.

But don’t worry. For all you DC fans waiting for a trailer, James Wan has been making frequent updates on his social media and has been releasing pictures from the movie set. This should keep us happy until San Diego Comic Con.

Written by Blog Writer Dominic