Vapiano King Street (Australia)


Vapiano is a Italian restaurant located in Sydney CBD on the corner of King Street and Yolk Stree. Yet this restaurant was opened about 5 years ago and it still to this day.

So i go to this restaurant almost every day and will admit that I am a worker so i can tell you that this restaurant has fresh pastas and fresh pizzas. The layout of the restaurant is unique, as you enter the restaurant you are given a card and you use this card to order you’re food, You line up what type of food you would like pasta, pizza and salads/anti-pasties and you use you’re card to order you’re food and if you order pasta you wait while they cook it in front of you but if you order a pizza you are given a buzzer and you can sit and relax and chat with you’re friends…… And don’t forget about the bar where you can order amazing alcoholic drinks and you can also get some dessert….

So i had the Pollo E Spinachi which is a pasta and i will say the cook that cooked my pasta was very polite, asked if i wanted garlic, chilli and also pine nuts (double checking if I wasn’t allergic to nuts)……

Food was great I give it 9.5/10 i’d recommend bringing you’re friends and family to this restaurant….

Thanks for reading my review on Vapiano King Street hope you enjoyed…. Chris Out

Blog post written by Chris.