What to do if you receive a Copyright Strike On YouTube (from The Kalab Network or others!)

This article is specifically regarding people re-uploading OUR content. If you need help with YouTube copyright PRESS HERE but you can use this as a reference. This advice is general only and not legal advice.

When you re-upload or redistribute our copyrighted content onto YouTube, we will submit a copyright take-down notice on YouTube.

If you used our content and our work is on the Content ID System. This is automated and not manually done by us. The Content won’t get removed, but we may be able to see stats and/or get royalties, if you have questions click here
This Help Article is informing you what to do if you receive a copyright claim that you think is false or incorrect.

Note: to save time, please request a license at https://www.kalabtempleman.com/licensing

There is multiple options you can do

If the copyright strike is true and you infringed our copyright you can wait until the strike expires.

If the claim is valid you can leave the claim on the video, which a copyright strikes goes to your account,

If you think the copyright claim we gave you is false, You have multiple options

YouTube Takedowns:

include in the subject line “retraction request”

In your retraction request, please include

  • Full name
  • video URL of claimed video press here to find it
  • reason why you would like the claim retracted
  • Submit Counter Notification

Note: You should do this after you have rquested retraction, if we choose not to retract the claim this is the next option

When you submit the Counter Notification, Your starting a legal process. Which may involve Court. (We do not need to go this far, Instead of sending this Counter Notification you can contact us to sort it out and request a license.)

Press here to view your copyright notices.

You can view the details, and submit Counter Notification. Once we get notified that we have gotten it. We will have 10 Business days to provide YouTube evidence that a lawsuit and court action has been taken, This is not needed. We will most likely get in touch with the person who submitted the claim and speak with them regarding the case.

  • Wait For Strike To Expire*

*Video will remain down

Strikes expire after 90 days (3 months) the easiest way is to wait for the strike to expire.

All other platforms:

You can appeal In the application or contact us by clicking here