Google Play Music Artist Hub Shutdown

The Google Play Music Artist Hub shutdown is happening on the 30th of August 2019. With the launch of YouTube Music last year, Google eventually plan to replace Google Play Music with YouTube Music. In anticipation of this change, we are shutting down the Artist Hub.


key dates:
• As of April 30, 2019

Your content (e.g., tracks, albums, images, bios) will no longer appear in the Google Play Store or Google Play Music service (including the paid streaming and free radio service).
You cannot upload or add new content.
You cannot edit or remove existing content. See instructions below if you’d like a copy of your artist image and/or bio before then.
• By May 31, 2019
You will receive your final reports and payments (for all sales and streaming activities, if any) through April 30, 2019.
• As of July 31, 2019
Your reports will be deleted from the Artist Hub. Please download any reports you want before then.

Here is what it says on the Artist Hub homepage:


What Does This All Mean?

If you uploaded/distributed your content DIRECTLY though GPM, the content will be removed from Play Music, BUT, if you distributed your music to the platform through a distribution company (e.g. CD Baby, Tunecore, RouteNote, your music will still remain.

Google are doing this because, like you know, GPM will eventully intergrate with YT Music, and as stated, Google recommends artists check out YouTube For Artists,

We got confirmation from Google:

“Thanks for reaching out to us.
1. Will my music still be available for people to buy/stream on GPM? Your music will still be made available on GPM through RouteNote.
2. Will the music on GPM to directly onto YT Music? Or what will happen? You can confirm with your distributor on how your music will be distributed”

Your music will not automatically go onto YT Music, you’ll have to reach out to your distributor (as stated above)

Hope this article helps you!

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