Should You Use GoPro For Vlogging | Is it Worth it?

GoPro cameras are very popular for YouTubers these days, I’ve been using my gopro hero 5 black for about 3 years, in this review, we’ll Be specifically talking about to use GoPro’s to vlog, and nothing else.

What GoPro Is The Best?

There is loads of GoPro’s out now, the 4,5,6,7,8, etc. I’d recommend you use something at least at the bare minimum the gopro hero 4. You can use models under that if you like too.

Let’s talk Pro’s & Cons


  • Small Camera Size: The camera size the GoPro is amazing for vlogging, small enough to fit in a pocket, or throw in a bag, you don’t need to.carry around heavy gear when the GoProwill do it all
  • Transferring Data: WIFI: with gopro there is WIFI build in, meaning you can easily copy footage from your gopro to your device.
  • The Audio Is OK (But can Be Better): The audio on the GoPro’s have improved a lot since the hero 3 black, but GoPro’s main focus is the ice of things as opposed to the audio, so consider getting an external mix.
  • Loads of Features: With features like different angles, modes, timelapse,slow-mo, the touch screen and more, there is loads of Features of the device.
  • Wide Range of Accessories: GoPro are well known for a wide range of accessories,this means you’d be able to out your camera wherever you want. Very cool things to have!


  • Battery Can Drain quickly (Depending On use): A major downside is that the battery life on this thing isn’t awesome. So I’d take a few spare batteries if you’re shooting loads of content.
  • Boot Up Time Can be slow: if you’re out and about with your GoPro, if you want to shoot.”that moment”you’d need to wait a few seconds in order for.this to happen.) a con for us.
  • No Zoom. It’s a fixed lens, so there’s no zoom. There’s a narrower field of view mode, but that’s not an optical zoom-it’s just cropping the image.

Overall Opinion:

GoPro’s are excellent action cameras. Today we outlined some of the features that they include. To answer the question, to be honest, both yes and no, depending on what you need to use the camera for (and your specific needs) it will depend on weather it’ll be right for you.

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