Important Update | I Have Flu Symptoms + Working From Home

Important Update.

This is an important update about my life and the YouTube channel.

Upon me getting a few symptoms, i decided to double-check with doctors, (better to be safe then sorry!)

Upon being checked by doctors. Doctors say i’m NOT infected with COVID-19, but only the Flu. (Even though the Flu is still major, it is not as bad as COVID19. I have been instructed to self-isolate for 1 week from when i get home and take antibiotics daily.

As i am unable to technically go out for 1 week, expect a few more food reviews and even some scambaiting videos.

During this time of self isolation, I also am doing school from home, communicating with teachers and doing work from home, then uploading that stuff online through Google Classroom. Due to this, our replies may be delayed.

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