Update: “The Adventure” Release to platforms is most likely delayed | IMPORTANT INFORMATION


We originally announced in the announcement video that the release date for “The Adventure” was 1st May 2020 – Note, we did clearly state that this is a “guide only”.

The reason we said that this date is only a “guide only” is that due to COVID19, the track may be delayed and might not be sent to platforms in time. This will most likely be the case.

When you release music to major stores/streaming platforms, before a release goes live, tracks are sent for “moderation” to make sure the track meets the distributors polices and as well as the platforms guidelines and policies. Normally with RouteNote, this process takes 24 – 72 hours. Due to COVID19, since the team at RouteNote (and nearly everyone else on the planet) are working from home, there will be delays in the moderation process, and also the process of sending the track to all the stores.

What does this mean for the release date?

As stated, pre orders were meant to start a week before May 1st, the release date WAS set for the 1st of May 2020. due to COVID19, there may be some significant changes. There will be 2 scenarios.

Scenario 1: Track doesn’t make it to stores on time

If “The Adventure” does not pass moderation, or passes through moderation and doesn’t make it to stores on or before the 1st of May, the release date of the track is still planned to be May 1st 2020 – but there will be changes

  • The track will be published 6PM AEST on YouTube as a premiere/video with our streaming services/platforms linked in the video description to be ready when the track goes live to those platforms
  • If you want to listen to these streaming services, you may need to wait a few days, or possibly a few weeks in order to do this. Once again it’s our of our control.
  • Once the track IS live on the PLATFORMS/STORES we will provide updates ASAP and provide links to purchase/stream the tracks on those platforms.

*NOTE: “YT Music” is DIFFERENT then our YouTube upload. YT Music is the streaming platform, this will be delayed – we are talking about me physically releasing the track to the Kalab Templeman Vlogs & Tech channel myself and not through distributor – resulting in no delays**

Scenario 2: Track makes it to stores on/before May 1st (unlikely)

If the track makes it’s way to stores before May 1st 2020, you’ll be able to pre order the song – like normal.

If the song is published and live on stores on/after the 1st of May, you’ll be able to purchase/stream the track as you normally would.

iTunes, Google Play, Spotify and YouTube Music are normally the most quickest with releases (within a week after moderation) the others may take more time.

Whatever happens, the track will be released at 6PM AEST on Friday the 1st of May 2020. This will mean there will be no live stream for that week. Weather the track is released to platforms in time or not, you’ll still be able to listen via YT for now.