FilmoraGo Review | The BEST Video Editor on Android & IOS?!

FilmoraGo is a comprehensive video editing app which allows you to create brilliant compositions using any clip from your device’s memory to create video projects. Today i’ll be giving a review of FilmoraGo, outlining the features and more.

FilmoraGo offers a simple interface. All options are on the screen, just tap and go to the next opportunity. Finally, you’ll get the edited videos. It has a good UI design, let’s talk more:

Easy as 1.. 2.. 3..!

  1. Select – Photos and videos from the gallery, albums, Facebook, or Instagram.
  2. Create – Pick a Theme, add your favorite Music, Filters, and Titles yourself.
  3. Share – Save to your gallery, or instantly share on Instagram, Facebook, Vimeo, WhatsApp, YouTube, or Email.


FilmoraGo operation efficiency and stability are on the go. The app works well, and the load times are great.

When you open the app, it asks to create a new video. You can pick videos and photos from the phone gallery, Facebook, and Instagram. If adding videos from the phone, then tap the Camera icon on the screen, which is showing the number of videos, and it will show all the videos from the gallery. You can select multiple videos by tapping the tick mark over each video. Now tap the NEXT icon given on the upper right corner of the screen; it will show the progress bar for a while. Well done, now you can see the vertical bars on the left and right sides.


There are many themes that you can use, on top of that, there is loads of copyright free music in the app, as well you can add your own music too. You can adjust the aspect ratio 1:1, 16:9 or 21:9.


This ap had the assential tools like – Trim Clip, Filters, Overlays, Elements, Titles, Duplicate, Mute, Rotate & Delete. The app lets you edit on a clip bt clip basis, and not a timeline feature, people pay find this more easy or more difficult to work with.

You can use these tools and the option to give the awesomeness to your memories.

There is other paid upgrades that you can do, i reccomend this if you want no watetmark, or you want more features. As this is a “freemium” product.

My final thoughts: FilmoraGo is a great app to start out with, it has the basic features and as well as more advanced features, there is many editing apps out there, FilmoraGo is easy to use, however it is “easy” so if you want more advanced features, you might be better to get other software.



3 thoughts on “FilmoraGo Review | The BEST Video Editor on Android & IOS?!

  1. Your web page won’t display appropriately on my iphone4 – you may want to try and repair that


    1. Hi @Julietta
      It may be due to browser capabilities on the iphone 4, works best on more recent devices, updated to the most recent software, We try to make the site compatible on all devices but due to some factors outside our control we cannot. For more info and troubleshooting steps head over to the “Troubleshoot” page at the bottom of this page, or contact support! Cheers


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