How To Balance School & YouTube | The RIGHT Way!

A few years ago i made a video on YouTube called “How To Balance School & YouTube” (watch here). That video was made in 2017, with nearly all content still relevant today. We have gotten a lot of questions about that video, and to do some kind of follow up.

Today, we’ll be giving a few tips on how to balance school and YouTube. If you’re not a student, but do work, these points may apply to you too.

First of all, set your priorities, and focus mainly on school, School should be your main focus, especially during assessment and exam times. However, even though you should mainly focus on school, this doesn’t mean there isn’t any time for spending time on social media, So you need to work out an ideal balance to balance it all.

Ask yourself this ONE question: “What’s more important in my life?”

In order to distinguish how to balance, you need to determine what is more important, school (or work) or your online career/social stats. If your answer is school, ideally this would be the way to go. You should mainly focus on school, as you can’t really start again with school, like you can with YouTube/online

Keep an Updated Schedule | Use Calendar/have a planner

Take the time to add the overall school schedule for the term, like what assignments are due, any homework, or major productions. You can then set aside specific times throughout the week to focus on things like social media, YouTube, etc.

Produce videos in batch

School can be overwhelming sometimes, (like said earlier) you can use that planner to determine times that you will have no school/assessments to focus on, and during these times (and also during school holidays), you should record a few videos that day, and have them edited and ready to go out, (you can use schedule feature to schedule them all in advance), This will mean during those exam times, you’ll have content ready to go.

Plan your day overall

If you know that during a specific day that you have a lot on, but also have some free time as well, you should plan your overall day with what you need to do, for example focus on X amount of hours doing school work focus X account of minutes making videos, focus on X amount of hours doing cleaning, appointments, etc.

Once you make this list, use a number system to prioritise what you need to do for the day. (1 = Most important e.g. 10 (or whatever number = least important)

Make Time for Yourself

Set time aside specifically for you creating content, and make content during this time. (of course once you’ve done all of your main priorities..!)

Once you’ve finished all school related things, worked on other priorities (family etc) THEN focus on the channel

You need to learn that YouTube should never be the main focus, you should work on things such as school and work, and of course, always put family (and even friends), and your health first.

Explain to your viewers your situation

Let’s say if you haven’t done those tips said before, and have an overload of assignments and exams, or you know that school will effect your consistent upload schedule, make a video, or a post, setting an overall expectation to the viewers of your content. Advise them that your main focus is school, and will do YouTube (or create content) during your spare time. If you have an upload schedule (a guide), for example, we do Monday and Wednesday, Friday, explain to your viewers this is just a guide only, and that uploads may be on different days or times. Set the expectation so they won’t be asking questions later.

Ideally, the overall takeaway is to mainly focus on school, and do YouTube and create content when you can in your spare time, also don’t drop out of school, let’s say your channel is going well, and you want to do YT full time and want to drop out of school to succeed on YT, please make sure you have some kind of a backup plan/ a place to go in case YouTube doesn’t work out.


Watch this video about YT updates:

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