Today we are back with some scambaiting, unexpectedly.. I walked in from school today and got a phone call from “Telstra” saying that our internet line will be disconnected. Clearly a scam, i decided to play along, this is how it turned out P.S. sorry for the shaky camera during recording, we rushed to get the camera to capture it,

INFO ON THE TELSTRA SCAM: Telephone-based scam callers often claim to be from well-known organisations such as Telstra, the Government, or other brands or organisations you’re likely to have heard of. These scam callers will often try to convince you of the urgent need to follow their instructions. Sometimes they will try to convince you to give them access to your computer remotely, such as when pretending to be a Telstra employee.

Often, they will apply inappropriate pressure, including threats and potentially inappropriate language, as part of their scam. This is the normal “tech support scam” type, asking for remote access etc, however they added the twist that they’re from Telstra, so Aussies can become targets…

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