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Monthly Newsletter 

It’s been a while…Wow, You most likely didn’t expect this email… It’s been a long time since i’ve updated the email list! (Yes, you guys willl be getting more emails from me now!)

There’s been a lot happening at Let’s go over some huge moments!


Most recently, i have gotten some sponsorships! These sponsors include MelonPRISM+,, just to name a few. To clarify, whenever i am sponsored or endorsed to speak about a product or service, i will always disclose this where possible. It feels really good to finally get sponsored! More info on this will be out soon..PRISM+ Monitor setup with HP Laptop (Instagram @Kalab032)See More

Kalab Network Plus
 Kalab Network Plus (KN+) A new subscription service, more information soon.
Currently we are looking for expressions of interest for the subscription service, some general ideas for the subscription will be a ad free website experience, exclusive videos, out-takes, extended cuts, bloopers and other perks. Cost will be quite cheap, (different tiers) – looking for viewer input.
Express Your Interest Today!

General Updates

Currently as i am writing this email, we are in the middle of the exam period, i done a video outlining some major updates, that include content planned during this time, ( a lot less!) Plus, other content including plans for school holiday content, etc)

IMPORTANT YouTube Channel UPDATE – Big NEWS! Best Of Kalab Templeman YouTube Playlist

We recently created a new playlist called “The Best Of Kalab Templeman” This playlist shows content that is the best, hand picked by myself and some dedicated fans, Check this out!

See The Playlist

Quick note, we have introduced some new Live Stream Rules for the Chat and Panellists, Please revise them below! 

Facebook Group
We also have a Facebook group called “Kalab Templeman Facebook Community” Feel free to send a request to the group, on the group we post exclusive news, updates, giveaways, exclusive contents and more!Sign Up

Why Did I Get This Email??

Good question.. The main answer to this is you have most likely done an interaction with The Kalab Network in the past. (This also dates back to when the website was hosted with Wix in 2017), Either through mail list signups, email communication etc. Hence why you got this email. 
If you have other questions, please contact me!
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