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After myself testing positive to covid and isolating, I have had freedom for about a week for now.

The whole COVID experience will be a time that I will never forgot, I generally don’t get much of a break here, with all of the COVID situation, and also exams coming soon, which even though I am cleared, I am still recovering from covid in a sense

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On the top of all of that I am currently am studying for HSC Exams, scheduled to start on November 9th, of course the covid situation with me in hospital has effected my studies greatly, I still have to study where possible, so for this reason, content on youtube and online will be limited during this time.

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I also have other commitments such as paid casual work and volunteer commitments, however once again, less of this during upcoming exam prep.

I only have a few exams so I can focus on these ones, they are quite spaced apart, so here’s the general plan:

Upcoming to exams: (prior to exams starting):

  • Most likely less content on YouTube, shorter vlogs and tech content.
  • Live streams will happen, will be shorter with more timed structure.

During exam period:

  • Not much content, may be one video a week or not even
  • This will be only a three week period, so for example on weekends, or let’s say if I have a exam on Friday, so that precious weekend I could film some content for that time.
  • May not be live streams, if they happen they will be very short.
  • No guarantees for content. Exams and health is my focus.

Meanwhile I am looking into considerations due to my circumstances with what’s happening with COVID etc,

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More content will be on its way, the main focus at the moment is my health, and exams. Watch my previous videos, there’s over 500! Read the blogs, take a look around.

I will speak to you guys soon,

– Kalab

28th October 2021 copyright 2021

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