Update: My Return To YouTube & Social Media Soon | NEWS & UPDATES

Life Update: My Return To YouTube & Social Media | NEWS & UPDATES


Hello all, it has been a while, there has been no new content for nearly 2 weeks at the time of writing this post, it’s been the longest time I’ve not uploaded in a while. In this blog I outline how my exams are going, when I should fully return to YouTube, content plans for the rest of 2021 and more.

Like I mentioned in this video, and this blog post is that content will be limited during this time, I’ve been very busy with exams, work commitments, also prior to exams I finished a website for a client. ( do you need any Web design services, if so click here)

The question on everyone’s mind: WHEN WILL I RETURN!

I generally plan on looking into doing a few YouTube Shorts, my final exam is on the 23rd of Nov, (there’s at least a 3 day gap between all my exams)

I will do some short videos for now, I’ve been busy with exam, work commitments, and many appointments, that I had all got done prior to exams.

The Plan

My general plan for coming back into normal YouTube schedules will be as follows:

  • Attempt to upload some kind of content, or even live stream, (even its it short – throughout next week.
  • My aim this weekend is to film something, anything, no guarantees however,
  • Throughout next week and the week after similar limited content,
  • During the end of next week, start of next, content will be resuming to normal, with a “I’m back, my Return To YouTube!” Video vlog style video,
  • This will be discussing plans and all with the future,

Throughout end of November and into all of December, content will be at its full force, with vlogs, tech, IRL Collab and all being uploaded like normal.

What’s Happening In December & Beyond

  • Oh yes I also have my year 12 formal, this is happening early December, I plan to vlog that, then again no guarantees
  • In addition – I am doing a short hospitality course skills set in December, adding to the list of my qualifications, also in addition gaining many qualifications in many areas where possible –
  • There’s a lot happening during those times so videos will be amazing.

There is no confirmation with regards to content structure for 2022.

No word on what is happening in 2022 with regards to online content -more updates on this will be provided sometime in December.

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