It it legal to film Police in public?(Australia)

Filming police, videoographers and photographers will wonder ” is it legal to film police in public?” Technically yes but then again it might not be. 

Police have no legal power to prevent members of the public videoing them, as long as they are in a public place and are not hindering police in the execution of their duty. 

let’s take a look at the New South Wales Media Policy and see what that says about it.

It says:

“members of the public have the right to take photographs or film police officers which are observable from a public space or from a privately owned place with the consent of the owner or occupier…”

If a police officer items to cease or confiscate camera they may be charged with assault.

But, in some scenarios you may not be allowed to record police. For example if there was a crime committed or being committed, the footage and/or  may be seized for evidence purposes.

We recommend contacting a lawyer regarding this.

So yes! You can film police in a public place and it is legal*

*Depends on situation as well as other factors

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