⚠️ SCAM ALERT ⚠️FluBot Scam In Australia 🇦🇺


The so-called Flubot scam is mutating, with Australia’s peak competition watchdog warning the con is changing appearances.

The Flubot scam sees Android phone users sent SMS messages from an unrecognised number, appearing to notify of a missed call or voicemail.

A new type of SMS Message Scam has been detected by the NSW Police. Malicious software application, also known as FluBot is generating SMS messages with suspiciously looking links.

SMS messages also indicate that you have a missed call or a message and suggesting you to click on the link to retrieve the voicemail or text message.

If you received one of these SMS messages – Delete the SMS. Do NOT click on the link. Once clicked the malware installs a malicious code on your device which accesses your personal information, your contact list and your banking details.

“We are receiving reports of texts like these saying a parcel is being delivered/in transit and containing php links,” the ACCC’s ScamWatch page tweeted.

“Delete these messages and don’t click on links.

“If you want to check a delivery, use the confirmation email from the business.”

Cyber security experts warn the malware could do serious damage to phones that are infected.

For more information 👉 https://www.scamwatch.gov.au/news-alerts/missed-call-or-voicemail-flubot-scams

If you suspect that your personal details were compromised please contact IDCARE and your financial institution 👉 https://www.idcare.org/

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