Scams on Instagram happen when people create fake accounts or hack into existing Instagram accounts that you’ve followed. The scammers use these fake or compromised accounts to trick you into giving them money or personal information. Note: Instagram will never send you direct messages about your account in the Instagram app. To help you identifyContinue reading “HOW TO AVOID SCAMS ON INSTAGRAM”

Update: My Return To YouTube & Social Media Soon | NEWS & UPDATES

Hello all, it has been a while, there has been no new content for nearly 2 weeks at the time of writing this post, it’s been the longest time I’ve not uploaded in a while. In this blog I outline how my exams are going, when I should fully return to YouTube, content plans for the rest of 2021 and more

New To Scambaiting? Here’s a Tip! | EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

New To Scambaiting? Here’s a Tip! | EXCLUSIVE VIDEO We interviewed Modder Paul Scambaits, a scambaiter on youtube with 6K subs, we asked Hi m if he could give any advice or tips to someone new with Scambaiting, what would it be! See below his response WATCH THE FULL VIDEO ON YOUTUBE:

⚠️ SCAM ALERT ⚠️FluBot Scam In Australia 🇦🇺

⚠️ SCAM ALERT ⚠️ The so-called Flubot scam is mutating, with Australia’s peak competition watchdog warning the con is changing appearances. The Flubot scam sees Android phone users sent SMS messages from an unrecognised number, appearing to notify of a missed call or voicemail. A new type of SMS Message Scam has been detected byContinue reading “⚠️ SCAM ALERT ⚠️FluBot Scam In Australia 🇦🇺”

Protected: COPY: How To Scambait Like A Pro | The Complete Beginners Guide On Scambaiting

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How To Scambait Like A Pro | The Complete Beginners Guide On Scambaiting

Your complete beginners guide on scambaiting!