HELLO 2022 – THE PLAN FOR 2022. NOTES FROM VIDEO! – BIG CHANGES. Hey everyone, kalab here from KT.COM, Happy new year. Happy 2022, Welcome to 2022 and welcome to kalabtempleman in 2022. This is the annual start of year video. Today I’ll be telling you the general plan, giving updates, announcements, reflecting content acrossContinue reading “HELLO 2022 – THE PLAN FOR 2022. NOTES FROM VIDEO! – BIG CHANGES.”

The End Of High School: 6 Years Of Awesomeness | My Thoughts

I loved school, it was amazing, but there is so so much more to life.. Yes we will miss school, but at the end of the day, It’s time to move on. Let’s move on from school, and strive for the best for the future!

Update: My Return To YouTube & Social Media Soon | NEWS & UPDATES

Hello all, it has been a while, there has been no new content for nearly 2 weeks at the time of writing this post, it’s been the longest time I’ve not uploaded in a while. In this blog I outline how my exams are going, when I should fully return to YouTube, content plans for the rest of 2021 and more

World Suicide Prevention Day

Today is World Suicide Prevention Day, an awareness day observed on 10 September every year, in order to provide worldwide commitment and action to prevent suicides, with various activities around the world since 2003. An estimated one million people per year die by suicide or about one person in 10,000 (1.4% of all deaths), orContinue reading “World Suicide Prevention Day”


VIDCON AUSTRALIA 2018 PHOTOS Vidcon Australia 2018. Here’s some of the photos we got!! Fireside Chat with Hank Green & Grace Helbig want great looking videos dont shoot in auto Merchandise booth The Odd is Out Selfie Merch booth YouTube Fan Space YouTube Community Main Stage How To Stand Out On Youtube Other Photos

Trent Barrett aparently to leave Manly Sea Eagles at end of 2018 season

Trent Barrett the coach of the Manly Sea Eagles is set to leave and won’t be coaching the Manly Sea Eagles, at the end of the season. Trent Barrett is set to leave Manly at the end of the season, according to NRL 360 host Paul Kent. Despite re-signing with the Sea Eagles last seasonContinue reading “Trent Barrett aparently to leave Manly Sea Eagles at end of 2018 season”

Android Oreo 8.0 Now Available on Samsung Galaxy Devices

We’ve been waiting for months but finally Android Oreo 8.0 has been released on Samsung Galaxy devices. Android Oreo is amazing I got the update at about 6 p.m. today. Android Oreo looks very different compared to Android marshmallow and other versions below. This update looks so good! We also get a new icon lookContinue reading “Android Oreo 8.0 Now Available on Samsung Galaxy Devices”

New Blog Writters on our Website

We would like to inform you, we now have new site blog writters who will write blogs to help us out. All blog posts written by others will be subject to review before being posted to KALABTEMPLEMAN.COM! When a blog writter does a post, they will sign off with there name! It’ll be so good!!