StreamYard Review

NOTE: This review has and will continue to be updated since it’s original posting.

StreamYard is an in browser streaming platform, used to do live streaming to Facebook, YouTube and more! Today will be my review of StreamYard.

We will take a look at what they offer. Currently i’m on the free option of StreamYard. StreamYard is a good platform, but there can be some improving to be done.

StreamYard has many features, including sharing your screen, you can now add up to 10 participants into the live stream. You can have 10 on screen and then up to 10 in the studio.

You can add “banners” which you can type in text to display. Which i really like this feature. Also another feature is that the streamer can bring up comments by hovering over a comment,then pressing “show” You can select how you want the banners to display, either in full or minimal. This feature is epic and awesome, as it really allows everyone to interact more.

Screenshot from StreamYard YouTube Channel


An important update, StreamYard now supports mobile live streaming, even though the mobile streaming option has less features then desktop, it really is a smooth experience.

On the free version there will be a “powered by streamyard” branding at the top right. This can be only removed on upgrade.This isn’t much of a problem for me. But if i did want to remove it, i’d need to upgrade.

With that being said. The free plan has limited features compared to the paid plans. The paid paid includes all in free and:

  • Custom overlays
  • Custom background
  • Watermark removal
  • Upload of images,etc
  • Multi stream (new)
  • Recording of live stream
  • Green Screen feature: watch announcement here
  • 1080p (professional plan)

For now,i don’t need these features, for now StreamYard is great.


Here are some of the other recent updates that you may have missed:
– Overlay videos can now be up to 5 minutes long
– LinkedIn Live Events and comments are now supported
– Audio quality has been significantly improved when using disable audio processing
– Custom RTMP now supports additional parameters (username/password)
– Names can be changed within the studio and the host can edit the guests’ names

These new options are excellent. As well.with overlays and the audio qualiy has been improved, as this was a major issue before. And as well with the names can be changed, AND host can change guest names.

I’d like to see the ability to people to co host a show (with controls) without needing to login to the same account!!

StreamYard recently added 1080P, to users with the profesional plan. It works pretty good.

Prices are below

In conclusion, for what it is, streamyard is an awesome platform to stream from. One of the downsides for myself is the price, and the customization of banner placements, and also (at this time) you can only stream at 720p, 1080p would be nice! (StreamYard now has 1080P on professional plan!) so improvements will and should be done. But for now, that’s all for this post. Thanks for reading.

Full Disclosure: This review is NOT endorsed or sponsored by StreamYard