Hangouts On Air Discontinued – What’s Next?

Google have discontinued Google Hangouts On Air. Earlier this year. Google announced that Hangouts On Air (Shortned to HOA) will be discontinued on August 1 2019. That time has came, HOA is no longer a thing. But remember, normal hangouts (like skype) is still around..


YouTube and Google are pushing for users to use YT’s new feature, “Webcam” while the webcam feature is great because it is so simple, it has not many featues

When you create an event on YT. When you press “Quick” this is what is says about HOA:


This leaves users to see where they can go next. Here are some options:

  • Using Webcam.

We get it, the webcam is basic, not much features, but worth a shot.

  • OBS with general hangouts shown

This will be more difficult, but can be done. Search online for tutorials.

  • 3rd party services, like StreamYard, Zoom,Belive.TV,etc.
  • SreamYard:

Opinion: Streamyard ia great. It allows up to 6 peope (you the host, and 5 others, offers lower thirds etc, StreamYard has both paid and free plans. Likewise with Zoom, Zoom allows for up to 45 people to join a love panel, but Zoom is meant for meetings. In order to live stream, you must upgrade

Currently Hangouts Meet is only available through G Suite. G Suite Enterprise customers can use Hangouts Meet to live stream to in-domain users, but there is no public live streaming option, and the videos can only be saved to Google Drive, not YouTube.
Google hasn’t shared any plans to offer live streaming from Hangouts Meet more broadly.

A lot of users are turming to StreamYard, since HOA’S gone. StreamYard is fast, easy, and free, this is what i use to stream most times.

Hope this one helps! You can also just google “HOA Alternitives” which will give you many other options.