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Samsung continue to give us teasers about the new galaxy flagships, with just only a few weeks to go until launch, the Galaxy S11 (currently rumoured to be launching as the Samsung Galaxy S20) leaks, rumours, and predictions are ramping up in earnest. Today we’ll give you some major updates and info on THE S20!

Release Date

The Galaxy S11 / Galaxy S20 release date is 11 February 2020, it’ll be during the Samsung unpacked event, a keynote event scheduled to demonstrate Samsung’s “new and innovative” Galaxy devices.


Max Weinbach from XDA Developers shared some pricing information over on Twitter that reveals the base Samsung Galaxy S20 could start at about $850, while the 5G variant might come out somewhere around ~$1,000 (€900-€1000)


There is a fair amount of specs with the new lineup, you can view them in the table below:


  • 6.2-inch Galaxy S20
  • 6.7-inch Galaxy S20+
  • 6.9-inch Galaxy S20 Ultra


The Galaxy S20 will use Samsung’s newly unveiled Snapdragon 865 which has 20% faster graphics rendering than the Snapdragon 855 in the Galaxy S10 and 35% more power efficiency. 


Samsung is not expected to introduce a Face ID rival, but it does have the race unlock, but it will add a supersized Qualcomm 3D Sonic Max fingerprint sensor to the Galaxy S20 which is 17x larger than the sensor used in the Galaxy S10 (making placement more instinctive). The sensor will also support two fingerprints at the same time which will deliver a significant increase in security, these can be used for specific purposes.

Battery Life:

With my usage of phones and devices, I really need larger batteries in the phones, the S11/20 HAS done this info below:

  • Galaxy S20 – 4,000 mAh (S10: 3,400 mAh)
  • Galaxy S20+: 4,500 mAh (S10+: 4,100 mAh)
  • Galaxy S20 Ultra: 5,000 mAh


These devices will have NFC, and Bluetooth 5.0 as well as many other connectivity features, SD Card slot but no word on headphone jack

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