ANNOUNCEMENT: New Music “The Adventure” Coming Soon!

It’s been over 4 months since our last track release ‘Fun”. Over the past month during quarantine we’ve been working on some new music. We really want to make this new track the best track we’ve produced ever – so that means, we can’t rush things. We managed to get some feedback from a selected number of listeners. All gave constructive, but good feedback,

With that being said, we have new music coming very soon. The track name is called “The Adventure”. The song has a really Chill, R&B Retro vibe to the track, you folks will love it! The song has took a few months of careful consideration and planing. (BTW, there’s about 4 different versions of the song that we had to select from!!!)


The track will be released to the public on the 1st of May 2020!

NOTE: The sales start date is a GUIDE ONLY. This date may CHANGE at anytime.


Here is the artwork for the track! Looks pretty cool hey?

Album art for kalab templeman's new song "The Adventure"

Previews will be available soon.

Pre-orders will start in a few weeks! Watch this space for more information!