How COVID19 Affects Our Photography Services | IMPORTANT INFORMATION

In a nutshell, due to the ongoing situation of COVID-19, with new regulations, guidelines and rules in place, (such as social distancing, number of people allowed at events, or personal safety) our photography services will be affected by this. PLEASE NOTE: WE WILL STILL BE ABLE TO PROVIDE THESE SERVICES, HOWEVER REGULATIONS AND LAWS WILLContinue reading “How COVID19 Affects Our Photography Services | IMPORTANT INFORMATION”

Important Update | I Have Flu Symptoms + Working From Home

Important Update. This is an important update about my life and the YouTube channel. Upon me getting a few symptoms, i decided to double-check with doctors, (better to be safe then sorry!) Upon being checked by doctors. Doctors say i’m NOT infected with COVID-19, but only the Flu. (Even though the Flu is still major,Continue reading “Important Update | I Have Flu Symptoms + Working From Home”


We released a new video about the Covid-19 crisis. In today’s video we give you all the information about COVID-19 (AKA Corona Virus). We talk about what COVID-19 is, the symptoms are, how to prevent the virus, news of events being closed, fights in supermarkets over toilet paper, schools being closed, and more. I  AlsoContinue reading “NEW VIDEO: COVID-19 UPDATES”

SHOWS CANCELLED | UPDATED: Corona Virus News: NO Toilet Paper + MORE Aussies are FREAKING OUT | BREAKING: #COVID-19

News about the Corona Virus Outbreak.

Authorities say “No More Handshakes” Hmm.. How are we to great people now.. with our foots??..

How To Set YouTube Channel Audience | Comply With COPPA

WATCH VIDEO: In order to help you comply with the law, YouTube now requires you to mark all of your videos as made for kids or not. The platform has rolled out a new audience setting that lets you tell it whether your videos are made for kids or not. YouTube is using machine learningContinue reading “How To Set YouTube Channel Audience | Comply With COPPA”

SAMSUNG S20 News: Release Date, leaks, Specs | BIG TECH NEWS

Samsung continue to give us teasers about the new galaxy flagships, with just only a few weeks to go until launch, the Galaxy S11 (currently rumoured to be launching as the Samsung Galaxy S20) leaks, rumours, and predictions are ramping up in earnest. Today we’ll give you some major updates and info on THE S20!Continue reading “SAMSUNG S20 News: Release Date, leaks, Specs | BIG TECH NEWS”

Should You Use GoPro For Vlogging | Is it Worth it?

GoPro cameras are very popular for YouTubers these days, I’ve been using my gopro hero 5 black for about 3 years, in this review, we’ll Be specifically talking about to use GoPro’s to vlog, and nothing else. What GoPro Is The Best? There is loads of GoPro’s out now, the 4,5,6,7,8, etc. I’d recommend youContinue reading “Should You Use GoPro For Vlogging | Is it Worth it?”

Our First Stream Of 2020 on YouTube

Tonight at 6PM AEDT this will be first YouTube live stream of 2020. We took about 2 weeks off live streaming, But it is good to be back with streaming. Watch the broadcast below at 6pm AEDT” this is our first show of 2020, in this live stream we’ll be talking about what our plansContinue reading “Our First Stream Of 2020 on YouTube”

NSW Fires Photos: The Red Sun

The NSW Fires are slowly improving, but are also getting worse at the same time. Yesterday on Saturday the 4th of january 2020 at about 7PM, during the sunset, the sun was extremely red, due to all of the fires. Take a look below at some of the shots I got of the red sunContinue reading “NSW Fires Photos: The Red Sun”

YouTube Updates Harrassment Polices | What You Need To Know

YouTube today announced an expansion of its anti-harassment policy that will ban video creators from insulting one another on the basis of their race, gender expression, or sexual orientation — even if the person they are insulting is a popular creator, celebrity, politician, or other public figure.  On Sunday, YouTube announced a series of policyContinue reading “YouTube Updates Harrassment Polices | What You Need To Know”

View Kalab’s Year 10 Formal Photos:

A few nights ago, i had my year 10 school formal, take a look at some of the amazing photos from the night. (Embed via instagram) And Yes, my song “fun” actually got played at the event. How epic! Unfortunately I did not vlog the event, but stay tuned for more photos/ short clips fromContinue reading “View Kalab’s Year 10 Formal Photos:”

“Fun” Pre-Order Starts Tomorrow, 30th November.

UPDATE: PRE-ORDER “FUN” NOW: GPM: ITUNES: “Fun” Pre-Order Starts Tomorrow, 30th November The pre-order for our new track “Fun” starts on the 30th of November 2019, at midnight, local time. The pre-order will only be available on iTunes, Google Play Music and Amazon Music. As in for the streaming services (Spotify, YouTube etc)Continue reading ““Fun” Pre-Order Starts Tomorrow, 30th November.”

How To Deal With Cyber Bullying: 6 Tips

Cyber bullying is bullying that takes place either online or through other digital media and often occurs on platforms such as social media, online games and internet forums.Cyber bullying is bullying that takes place either online or through other digital media. Me myself has been Cyber Bullied before, we used these tips to help us!Continue reading “How To Deal With Cyber Bullying: 6 Tips”

Port Kembla Beach Photography

On the night of Thursday 24th October 2019 we were at Port Kembla Beach,walking along the sand. I decided to take some shots – which you can see below. The camera that was used is the Samsung Galaxy S10’s rear facing camera with some editing as well.

Welcome To The New

Start your WordPress website today: Welcome to the brand new, a brand new redesigned version of the original The new website loads faster, has a fresh new design, and loads of new features. And also bringing back some old features too. This website is now proudly powered by WordPress (domain stillContinue reading “Welcome To The New”

Website Will Be Temporarily Offline

Website Will Be temporarily Offline will be temporarily offline from September 27th 2019 untill mid october 2019 due to major website maintenance, us fixing some major bugs and also giving the whole website a fresh look and re-design. We need to do this while the website is offline. We rarely do this but pleaseContinue reading “Website Will Be Temporarily Offline”

Why I’m Not Attending Vidcon Australia

Last week we posted on Twitter announcing that i won’t be attending Vidcon Australia this year. Unfortunately we will NOT be attending Vidcon Australia 2019 in Melbourne this year. Sorry for any inconveniene We got a lot of messages, comments, and email regarding this announcement, i wanted to make this post explaining some of theContinue reading “Why I’m Not Attending Vidcon Australia”

Triple J’s One Night Stand TONIGHT!!

triple j’s One Night Stand What: A free, all ages, drug and alcohol free concert When: Saturday 14 September 2019 Where: Lucindale Oval, Lucindale, South Australia Who: Hilltop Hoods, Meg Mac, Ocean Alley, G Flip + triple j Unearthed winner Want to see it? Live stream sets from G Flip, Meg Mac, Ocean Alley andContinue reading “Triple J’s One Night Stand TONIGHT!!”


GROW ON INSTAGRAM: 5 TIPS Do you want to grow on Instagram? If that’s so, check out this bloh, where i discuss 5 tips and tricks on how to grow on Instagram, (some free and paid options!) This blog post refers to the YT Video: Billions of people use Instagram, Instagram is the bestContinue reading “GROW ON INSTAGRAM: 5 TIPS”

Google Play Music Artist Hub Shutdown

The Google Play Music Artist Hub shutdown is happening on the 30th of August 2019. With the launch of YouTube Music last year, Google eventually plan to replace Google Play Music with YouTube Music. In anticipation of this change, we are shutting down the Artist Hub. a key dates: • As of April 30, 2019Continue reading “Google Play Music Artist Hub Shutdown”’s “Who Is Kalab Templeman?” Documentary out tomorrow

Main Points: Ennui.TV ‘s Kalab Templeman docuentary will be released tomorrow (7.4.19) 6PM AEST on YouTube. Below,is how you can watch the doco: THE MAIN DIRECT YT LINK: OUR WEBSITE: A few months ago. We met up with Ben and Matthew from Ennui.TV. to film a mini documentary about me (Kalab Templeman) andContinue reading “’s “Who Is Kalab Templeman?” Documentary out tomorrow”

Official Social Media /Official Information

In the past there has been many false accounts on major social channels. This post will outline the official social media i have. Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube Kalab Templeman Vlogs & Tech Email: Kalabhelp(at)gmail(dot)com MUSIC: * NOTE” ALL MUSIC ACCOUNTS ARE CONTROLLED BY ROUTENOTE ON MY BEHALF* iTunes: Google Play: AMAZON: SPOTIFY: reading “Official Social Media /Official Information”

The Most Liked Photo on Instagram.. A picture of a Egg.

*NEW UPDATES AT BOTTOM OF BLOG POST* #LikeTheEgg #EggSoldiers #Egg The world’s most liked photo on instagram is now an image of a single egg with a white background. Kylie Jenner used to hold the record, with a photo of her newborn daughter attracting more than 18 million likes. Below: The photo which was theContinue reading “The Most Liked Photo on Instagram.. A picture of a Egg.”


On Sunday 18th November is was the i98 Illawarra Convoy where trucks and bikes drive in a convoy to raise money for sick kids and their families. I was a volunteer photographer this year: Here are some of the photos that we got. The Trucks: Bikes: The Freestyle moterbikes: LIVE PERFORMANCES: Shots from all ofContinue reading “I98 ILLAWARRA CONVOY PHOTOS”

Event Photography Services

We’re now offering photography services. These include: – Event Photography – Music Photography – Corporate Events Photography – Party Photography NOTE: YOU MUST BE WITHIN THE WOLLONGONG/SYDNEY AREA Price does depend on a case by case basis Contact me for more info and a free quote. CONTACT METHODS: email Instagram DM – @kalab032 FacebookContinue reading “Event Photography Services”

PHOTOS: Two Fires Cold Chisel Jimmy Barns Show | Live Music | Towradgi Beach Hotel

Photos from the Two Fires Cold Chisel Jimmy Barns Show | Live Music at Towradgi Beach Hotel in Wollongong NSW Australia ALL IMAGES ARE COPYRIGHTED (COPYRIGHT KALAB NETWORK 2018) ALL UNAUTHORIZED USE WILL RESULT IN LEGAL CONSEQUENCES. Photos are below ALL IMAGES ARE COPYRIGHTED (COPYRIGHT KALAB NETWORK 2018) ALL UNAUTHORIZED USE WILL RESULT IN LEGALContinue reading “PHOTOS: Two Fires Cold Chisel Jimmy Barns Show | Live Music | Towradgi Beach Hotel”