Facebook Messenger Down? Latest Info!

Instagram and Facebook Messenger, both under the umbrella of Facebook, seem to be glitching for users worldwide. Facebook Messenger users report that new messages aren’t coming in and Instagram users are reporting similar issues with direct messages. Complaints against both platforms seem to have started at around 3:00 pm Indian Standard Time (IST). In whatContinue reading “Facebook Messenger Down? Latest Info!”


In today’s video, ll be explaining why I’m not doing vlogmas. Vlogmas is a yearly tradition in which vloggers of the YouTube community gear up for Christmas by posting a video each day of December. The year 2020 has been a challenging year, let’s talk about the real reasons to why I’m not doing vlogmasContinue reading “Why I’m NOT Doing VLOGMAS In 2020! | The Real REASON! | QUALITY OVER QUANTITY!”

Callback Support May Be Unavailable

Due to our service provider doing updates to the network infrastructure, callback support may be unavailable during this time as the phone systems may not work at times. The ETA on when the upgrades will be complete is December 10th 2020 You can still contact us at kalabtempleman.com/support via live chat and email. Thank youContinue reading “Callback Support May Be Unavailable”

Australia Heatwave – Breaking News Updates

Very High to Severe fire danger forecast for a number of areas tomorrow. A Total Fire Ban in place for Far North Coast, North Coast, Greater Hunter, Greater Sydney, North Western, Illawarra/Shoalhaven, Central Ranges, New England and Northern Slopes tomorrow Sunday 29 November. Severe to extreme heatwave conditions are expected across much of the south-eastContinue reading “Australia Heatwave – Breaking News Updates”

THE BEST VIEWS! | WOLLONGONG VLOG @ Mt Keira & Stanwell Tops (Ft. 2oolit & Boni Amin)

THE BEST VIEWS! | WOLLONGONG VLOG @ Mt Keira & Stanwell Tops (Ft. 2oolit & Boni Amin) In today’s video, mum and i explore some of Wollongong’s best views, we hike through Mt Keira, and the Mt Keira lookout to see Wollongong from another perspective, plus, we go to Stanwell Tops (Bald Hill) and weContinue reading “THE BEST VIEWS! | WOLLONGONG VLOG @ Mt Keira & Stanwell Tops (Ft. 2oolit & Boni Amin)”

South Australia 6 Day Lockdown – COVID19 | IMPORTANT INFORMATION

UPDATE :https://www.facebook.com/205615536167683/posts/3682920715103797/ VIA: https://www.facebook.com/101740356569982/posts/3562504730493510/ South Australia will be implementing a circuit breaker from 12:01am Thursday, 19 November 2020 for the next six days aiming to stop the spread of COVID-19 in our state. Official Directions will be published and instructions will be provided in further detail later in the day as the situation progresses. SouthContinue reading “South Australia 6 Day Lockdown – COVID19 | IMPORTANT INFORMATION”

Website Maintenance

There will be website maintenance on kalabtempleman.com over the weekend and the coming weeks. Most content will be available, and you will still be able to access the website. However, some features may be unavailable to use, and/or have errors. Updates Include: Design updates New features Fixing minor glitches Testing new software/programs Plus more CheckContinue reading “Website Maintenance”


Q&A: HOW DID YOU START YOUTUBE? | KALAB TEMPLEMAN Q&A #7 Welcome to the Kalab Templeman Q&A. I asked you viewers to ask me questions. Here are your answers, Questions range from YouTube and how i got started, to work, the future, school, quitting YouTube and more. This Q&A cannot be missed! MUSIC BY: RYYZNContinue reading “Q&A: HOW DID YOU START YOUTUBE? | KALAB TEMPLEMAN Q&A #7”

How To Create A FREE Website With WORDPRESS.COM (Complete BEGINNERS GUIDE)

How To Create A WEBSITE With WORDPRESS.COM (Complete BEGINNERS GUIDE) In today’s video i show you how to create a website for FREE using WordPress.Com From adding pages, to adding a blog, contact form, plugins, photos, getting a domain, choosing a theme. I outline all the basic options around WordPress.Com. SIGN UP TODAY: https://wordpress.com/refer-a-friend/9QBBNMoiWWN9Bk92Lpqn/ TheContinue reading “How To Create A FREE Website With WORDPRESS.COM (Complete BEGINNERS GUIDE)”

BLOG: I’M BACK! – My RETURN To YouTube! | Important Updates – Announcements

I’M BACK! – My RETURN To YouTube! | Important Updates – Announcements This is my return to YouTube, after a few weeks of no content on YouTube, or any social media, this is the welcome back video. In this video, i give you some general background on where i’ve been, and what i’ve been doingContinue reading “BLOG: I’M BACK! – My RETURN To YouTube! | Important Updates – Announcements”

How To BOOST Your LIVE STREAMS! – 5 Streaming Tips & Tricks (Read BEFORE You STREAM!)

WATCH OUR NEW VIDEO 6 LIVE STREAMING TIPS & TRICKS PREPARE: Prepare for your show: Brainstorm topics Use checklists/ show run downs, dot pints etc Get clear on the type of content you’re going to stream about. What will you talk about, and why is it relevant to your audience? Inform quests on topics, letContinue reading “How To BOOST Your LIVE STREAMS! – 5 Streaming Tips & Tricks (Read BEFORE You STREAM!)”

Daylight Savings Starts October 4th

Daylight Savings Daylight saving will begin at 2am on Sunday 4 October 2020 when clocks go forward one hour. Daylight saving in NSW begins at 2am, Eastern Standard Time, on the first Sunday in October and ends at 3am Eastern Daylight Saving Time on the first Sunday in April. That means clocks must be putContinue reading “Daylight Savings Starts October 4th”


EXPLORING THE BIG CITY! | WOLLONGONG CBD VLOG | (Shopping & Fun!) In this video, i explore Wollongong City, shopping in the mall, talking new technology at JBHIFI, we eat some amazing food, I showcase Wollongong Council’s “creative” ideas, I also give some important YouTube channel updates regarding the school holidays, and much much more!


Welcome to our new series called “Creator Interview”. A new series where we interview fellow creators. The “Creator Interview” series is currently under a trial, and after a few weeks of monitoring views and watch time, we’ll determine if the series will continue. We will sit down with one creator, asking them questions in 3Continue reading “A New Series: CREATOR INTERVIEWS”

R U OK DAY 2020 | How To Start A Conversation

R U Ok?Day is Thursday 10th September 2020. It is the national day of action when Australians are reminded that every day is the day to ask, ‘Are you ok?’ 2020 has been a challenging year for many in our community; we have had to learn how to operate in a world where social distancingContinue reading “R U OK DAY 2020 | How To Start A Conversation”

Overview Of This Weeks Content

This week was an amazing week of content. Here is the overview of this weeks content: MONDAY: The weekend vlog, we showcased our Saturday going shopping and cooking TUESDAY: Instagram live update regarding post-exam content. THURSDAY: A bushwalking video, the video was meant to be up Wednesday, FRIDAY:** Weekly YouTube live stream, with a newContinue reading “Overview Of This Weeks Content”

Further Updates Regarding Content (Exam/Life Update)

“Just because there is less content being posted during these times that doesn’t mean you’ll get bored, we have over 400 videos on the channel, you won’t get bored for weeks, sit back, and watch our old classics”


A few days ago i released a video update, updating the viewers regarding certain events that will be happening (homework, exams, personal events etc) which may effect the overall content on the channel. “This isn’t an announcemnt of me taking a break, it’s setting expectations regarding posting content during this time” UPDATE VIDEO – KALABContinue reading “IMPORTANT YOUTUBE CHANNEL UPDATE * A MUST READ *”

How To Start A Facebook Group (Tips & Tricks

A Facebook group is a page on Facebook created to enable a group of people to interact around a common topic. Oftentimes Facebook groups are used for businesses and organizations to promote and inform their customers and prospects about different products, events, or updates happening in relation to their company or industry. We started aContinue reading “How To Start A Facebook Group (Tips & Tricks”

Website Maintenance & Updates

Website Maintenance & Updates Over the next few days, we are doing some major updates to kalabtempleman.com and kalab network shop, we are testing systems, features etc. During this time, most of the website will funtion like normal, however, some features of the site may be unavaliable. On pages where there is major maintenance, andContinue reading “Website Maintenance & Updates”

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: New Kalab Templeman Facebook Group!!

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: New Kalab Templeman Facebook Group!! I have launched a facebook group. Press below to join: https://www.kalabtempleman.com/groupORhttps://www.facebook.com/groups/1438330989710095/?ref=share OFFICIAL KALAB TEMPLEMAN FACEBOOK GROUP. Exclusive news, updates, polls, videos, memes, etc.The group for the dedicated kalab templeman fans! To apply for a moderator position for the group, please go to https://www.kalabtempleman.com/application or contact us


Photos taken on 16th July 2020 11PM AEST in Sydney CBD. Photos include, Harbour Bridge, Opera House,Luna Park & More.

Top 11 YouTube Video Ideas | GROW FAST ON YOUTUBE

Top 11 YouTube Video Ideas | GROW FAST ON YOUTUBE Stuck for YouTube video ideas? Read this post for ideas, from trends, cooking, tech, it’s all here. 1. ABOUT US VIDEO If you’ve got a YouTube channel for your business, an About Us or explainer video that showcases what you do is a good video to startContinue reading “Top 11 YouTube Video Ideas | GROW FAST ON YOUTUBE”

Terms Of Service / Privacy Policy | UPDATED

We are in the process of updating the terms of service and privacy policy. This is mainly due to new content on the website, new methods of using website functions. New improved work operationes, and also new back-end software. We suggest keeping track of the TOS and PRIVACY POLICY, as they are updated regularly. PleaseContinue reading “Terms Of Service / Privacy Policy | UPDATED”

How To Balance School & YouTube | The RIGHT Way!

we’ll be giving a few tips on how to balance school and YouTube. If you’re not a student, but do work, these points may apply to you too.

Why “Sub4Sub” on YouTube is BAD | NEVER Do SUB4SUB!

What Is Sub4Sub? Sub4Sub, or ‘sub for sub’, is the practice of subscribing to somebody else’s channel in exchange for them subscribing to yours. Whether Sub4Sub works is very debatable as people say it’s good, and others say it’s bad, however, it is fairly popular. At the end of the day, it’s really one ofContinue reading “Why “Sub4Sub” on YouTube is BAD | NEVER Do SUB4SUB!”

We are looking for your feedback on the website

Every week we are making improvements to the website, We are looking for some feedback on the current features of the website, the current design etc. If you like, you can submit feedback below. We take into consideration of all feedback. By completing this form, you will not get a response. If you’d like toContinue reading “We are looking for your feedback on the website”

Bill Clinton record challenge | KALAB TEMPLEMAN EDITION!

The latest is the Bill Clinton record challenge, a trend primed for music buffs to show off their eclectic tastes. Based on a picture of the former president which The Onion photoshopped together for spoof article ‘Clinton Writes Fan Letter to Joan Jett’ (featuring Clinton surrounded by Jett albums), the image has now taken on a new life of itsContinue reading “Bill Clinton record challenge | KALAB TEMPLEMAN EDITION!”

ANNOUNCEMENT: Donations are here!

Site visitors can now donate to us at kalabtempleman.com/donate. we finally allow users to donate. Read below for more. How To Donate 1: Go to kalabtempleman.com/donate 2: press on “donate” button, (PayPal coming soon) 3: you’ll be redirected to Square, out payment processor – where you can securly process the payment through the Square checkout.Continue reading “ANNOUNCEMENT: Donations are here!”

How To Scambait Like A Pro | The Complete Beginners Guide On Scambaiting

Your complete beginners guide on scambaiting!